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Welcome to the Royal Quinoa Designation of Origin (DO) homepage. Here you will find all the relevant information about our beautiful product “Royal Quinoa”.

We are proud to present our farmers who keep alive a 6000 year old tradition of sowing, growing and harvesting our quinoa.Union Importers Pirate Captain Adult Costume The real and only Royal Quinoa comes from the shores of the southern salt lakes at an altitude of over 5000 meter above sea level in Bolivia.

Our new Designation of Origin (DO) can guarantees that what you buy is the real premium product: Royal Quinoa with its outstanding characteristics gluten free and 100% organic, thanks to a world class traceability system.

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Existing historical evidence indicates that the domestication of quinoa by the peoples of America may have occurred between 3,000 and 5,000 years BCE.

There is early evidence of its morphology on pottery from the Tiahuanaco culture (Bolivia) depicting a quinoa plant with several panicles along its stem, which would suggest one of the more primitive strains of the plant.Ms. dual shoulder bags stylish leather shoulders package Recreation Fashion, backpack preppy students' schoolbags C

During domestication the Andean populations no doubt selected genotypes according to use and tolerance to adverse biotic and abiotic factors, resulting in today’s plants and ecotypes with their different characteristics.

The farmers of the salt lakes region of Bolivia are the proud growers of the most valuable of this strands, known as Royal Quinoa.

The Incas considered Royal Quinoa a sacred food, a gift from the Gods. They called it “La Chisiya Mama”: the mother of grains.

Owaheson Swing Platform Toning Fitness Casual Walking shoes Wedge Sneaker Women Pink Donut SprinklesIn Bolivia royal quinoa is still part of the mysticism and culture of the native population.

Until a few years ago, quinoa was sown by hand and exclusively by women as they were believed to pass on their fertility to the land. The tools they used were small rustic instruments such as the Taquiza, Liukána or Tank´ana that were used to poke holes and cover the seeds so as not to create grooves that would lead to unnecessary evaporation of the scares humidity in the ground.

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ZIYIUI Handmade Soft Silicone Vinyl Cotton Body 22inch 55cm Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Eyes Open in Pink Knit Outfit and Accessories Newborn Girl ntbtwn386-new toys

Quinoa was first cultivated for its seeds and leaves 5,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains of modern day Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Its genetic variability indicates quinoa as an oligocentric species with widely distributed centre of origin and multiple diversification. GE Animation Great Eastern 52940 Haikyuu Shoyo Hinata Stuffed Plush, 9 The Andean region present the greatest genetic diversity and variation.

Quinoa has undergone a wide range of morphological changes during its domestication and as a result of human activity. These include a more compact inflorescence at the tip of the plant, an increase in size of stem and seed, loss of seed dispersal mechanisms and high levels of pigmentation.

The greatest variety of quinoa can be found in Potosí (Bolivia). Only in Bolivia there are 3 thousand ecotypes. There are large grains of quinoa and small grains of quinoa, some are better suited for making flour and some for cooking as grain.Clouday Flannel Fleece Bed Blanket Warm ThrowBlankets for Girls Boys,Cozy Lightweight Blankets for Bedroom Living Room Sofa Couch,Whale Space colorful Pattern,49x59inch

Quinoa is not a grain but a seed, it is a broadleaf plant species (chenopodium quinoa) genetically close to sugar beet and spinach, functionally raised as a grain crop and so sometimes termed a pseudo-cereal. There are thousands of varieties of quinoa, most of them wild. Most valuable are the heirloom strains nurtured by Bolivian farmers to thrive in saline soils at high altitude, resisting drought and frost to provide the unrivaled goodness of Royal Quinoa.

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Royal quinoa only grows in southern flat plains of Bolivia in proximity to the largest salt lake in the world. The salt lake of Uyuni has a total area of 10,582 km2 (4,086 sq mi) and Coipasa, has 806 km² (311 sq mi). Dora Activity Fun Case by Bendon PublishingThe solar radiation in the surrounding area is 1.800 mcm/m2, that’s almost twice what is considered normal. All this at over 3,656 meters (11,995 ft) above sea level.

Thousands of years ago, the area where royal quinoa grows was a lake and that has changed the quality of the soil to a greater salinity and acidity equilibrium that are thought to be one of the contributing factors to the quality of the royal quinoa grain.Nursery Bet Set 4pcs Bedding Sets Duvet Cover Flat Sheet with Decorative Pillow Cases Full Size for Kids Adults Teenscolorful Cartoon Style Robot Figures Futuristic Funny Mascots Friendly Androids

Royal Quinoa adapted to these conditions more than 6000 years ago. This feature is very important because, contamination with any other grains (eg. Grains with gluten) is virtually impossible, and there is also no possibility of having cross-contamination with other crops that require high levels of agricultural intensity (eg. use of agrochemicals). Other crops simply could not survive the conditions of the territory.

Scientists suggest that billions of years ago there were seas on the land of the Andean Altiplano. That Titicaca Lake was part of an ocean. ZIYIUI Realistic Lifelike 18 inch Reborn Baby Dolls That Look Real Baby Dolls Weighted Full Body Silicone vinyl Handmade Baby Girl Dolls toys For age 3+That when mountains emerged, the sea dried and left behind the historic salt lakes.

That is how the Andean Mountain Chain came to existence, the most wonderful mountain chain in the Americas that stretches from the cold of Patagonia to the Caribbean.

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Watch the CNN en Español special interview to Andean Valley.


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